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The Great Dust Off

Vancouver regional Decompression 2011

Art Grant Recipients

The GVIAS has an Art Grants program in place to assist participants in bringing existing artwork to the event, creating new artwork for the event, or creating an interactive experience. More details available on the
Search Art Grants page.

Here are the grant recipients for Dust Off 2011.

1. Burnier than Thou Amanda $20
Burnier Than Thou stickers.These will be given to door staff to stick on participants, getting one sticker for each time they have been to the playa…

2. Face Painting Aryn and Ilea $100

We are professional body artists who specialize in facepainting. As such, we primarily paint children at parties and special events, Please visit our website! http://lookingglasspainting.com/#gallery

We’ve long been friends with members of the Burning Man community and have attended several of the past Vancouver area events.. The paint we use is a water based make-up formulated specifically for performance arts giving protection against perspiration induced smudging from activity and hot stage lights.

3. Flaming Tulips Chris H$80
Interactive Fire Art, with poofer flame effects

4. Gingerbread Man Tanya E $75
I would like to make gingerbread burning man cookies (pre baked at home) and then bring the supplies for everyone to decorate their own ‘burner’ cookie and of course eat them!! I have my mom’s family recipe for butterscotch ginergerbread and it is delicious!

5 Ice Sculpture Delayne Corbett $100
I went to Burning Man for the first time this year. While I was there I carved an ice sculpture. I would like to carve a sculpture at the Dust Off. Can you give me a grant to make this happen. One block of ice (40x20x1Oinches) costs about $100 plus delivery. I would love to do a live ice carving session. I need power and lights and some outside space to operate my chainsaw. After completion (2-3 hours) the carving can be moved indoors and displayed.

6. Lite Brite Ron S $125
This plywood sculpture, about the dimension of a standard house door, is 6 inches in depth and incorporates four black light florescent UV units inside. A total of 225 inch and a half holes in the outer surface are used to accommodate UV fluorescing coloured plastic shot glasses to create a Lite Brite toy effect, allowing a person to write messages or make graphic statements by moving around the coloured glasses.

7. Mount Erupto Jonathon $100
The project is a volcano hot tub, which sort of speaks for itself. A fully useable hot tub made to look like a volcano (from 3 sides). and will include a number of additional elements including: a smoke machine, lighting, music (if possible), food and drink, and performance -type elements like capturing tourists and virgins and sacrificing them to Mt. Erupto.

8. Sound Frond David M $300
The Sound Frond Project is an autonomous interactive Sound and Light installation. Reminiscent of live viola and cello music from Burn in the Forest 5 years ago, this sculpture will recreate these hauntingly beautiful sounds using sensors to detect the position and activity of people in its environment. http://soundfrond.com/

9. Whompbus Cory $200
To cover consumables cost of running our art bus, 2000W “mobile a/v sound stage”, party chill zone aka VanCity’s street -legal mutant vehicle” http://whompbus.com